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Hot Yoga

Oct. 24, 2019

Hot yoga is a yoga style that is practiced in hot and humid conditions, typically heated to around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. Each 60- or 90-minute class will offer a series of postures that aim to contract and strengthen your muscles and raise your heart rate to create an amazing yoga experience with cardiovascular benefits.

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Whether you are an experienced yoga practicer looking to deepen your yoga practice, or a new practicer, who wants to experience all of what yoga has to offer, hot yoga is guaranteed to be a completely unique yoga experience. You’ll have even more incentive and motivation to try it after you explore the amazing benefits of any hot yoga practice.

honeycomb breathing yoga mats.pnghoneycomb breathing yoga mats.png

When you have hot yoga practicing, I suggest you to try the honeycomb yoga mat. the honeycomb yoga mat was made with many little holes which can breath well. it is of great elastic resilience, smoothness, slip resistance. The High-density TPE material is environmental, which has good thermal insulation performance. Light weight, non slip, small size, easy to carry, beautiful shape, can be used for both sides. 

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