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Outdoor Yoga

Oct. 24, 2019

As we all know outdoor yoga can enhance our relationship to the earth, the grass, the trees, and the ocean. Yoga plays an Keyrole in our evolution. A recent study found that the naturally occurring patterns in organic forms have calming, focusing qualities. So practicing yoga outside is a good way to tap into a heightened meditative state. 


  • Reach for the sky: When practicing yoga outside, you can truly access these directions. The feeling of the grass between your fingers and the warmth of the sun on your back can help you feel more grounded.

  • The extra benefits of grounding: It isn’t just the spiritual aspect of outdoor yoga that can help you feel more grounded – literally connecting your feet to the earth is also shown to have significant benefits. For instance, walking barefoot allows the multiple joints and muscles in your feet to stretch.

  • Feel more energy: A recent sesearch studyfound that people who spend more time outdoors have more energy. Theorists have suggested that this is connected to the way our nervous system has evolved. 

  • Be in the moment: As these studies prove, nature awakens the senses. For instance, natural light is the perfect antidote to the blue-lit screens of phones and computers. The Science of Place and Well-Being “the color green is the default mode for our brains.”

  • Getting vitamin D: People will try to promote their vitamin D levels with supplements – however, before reaching for the pills, consider outdoor yoga. After all, the best way to get an extra dose of vitamin D is to get out in the sun.


When you practice outdoor yoga, i suggest you  to use natural cork yoga mat, here is the advantage of cork mat

  • Non slip sweat resistance: Thanks to the unique sweatproof surface, the cork yoga mat is extremely slip-resistant – especially when it comes to handling sweat and dampness. In fact, the cork yoga mat’s grip becomes greater when there’s additional moisture!

  • Pleasantly soft absorption: The eco friendly yoga mat is made of recyclable TPE and natural cork, the elastic underside of the yoga training mat provides very strong traction and gentle absorption during your yoga session.

  • 100% Sustainable materials:The non-slip yoga mat consists of a natural cork surface and a TPE underside. The cork yoga mat does not contain any PVC, latex or plasticizers.

  • Self cleaning and Odourless:The cork surface of the eco yoga mat is naturally self-cleaning and odour-repellent. The easy-care fitness mat thus counteracts odours.

  • Light and practicall: The combination of natural cork and TPE makes the Lotuscrafts yoga mat cork extremely light and easy to transport. This way, you can take your natural yoga mat along with you everywhere!

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