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6 benefits of using Iyengar Yoga Walls

Dec. 03, 2019

Yoga wall is invented by master Iyengar for better practice of yoga, which is the only way to have a professional Natural Yoga Mats Manufacturer. Iyengar yoga attaches great importance to the correct placement of the human body, physiological structure, the function of skeletal muscles, etc., and emphasizes the accuracy of postural movements, with the effect of correction and recovery of the body. In the process of practice, it sometimes needs to complete the corresponding postural exercises with the help of tools to give people a sense of security, which is more suitable for beginners and stiff people to practice, so the Yoga wall was born.

6 benefits of using Iyengar Yoga Walls

What are the benefits of the Yoga Wall?

1. Bring you a more fresh and exciting experience in the process of practice. Yoga wall rope helps you to practice forward bending, backward bending, twisting and other asanas. In this process, you will have a different understanding of yoga posture.

2. Assist you to complete the actions that you can't do at ordinary times, and make yoga practice more comprehensive, more yuan, and safer. In the general Yoga course, our spine is always under pressure along with gravity. Most of our self-weight training is only thrust and no tension training. The Yoga wall can make you easily subvert all this. Under the traction of the wall rope, your body will get good support to ensure safety, you can safely extend your body!

6 benefits of using Iyengar Yoga Walls

3. Keep the action longer. In the pull of the wall rope, you can hold on to many actions for a longer time, such as a downward dog. The exerciser has the opportunity to adjust his breathing and feel the benefits of these positions.

4. Fixed position and extended movement. The wall rope gives you more freedom and makes you move more. When you hang on the wall rope and shake it forward, you can do the cobra pose, and when you shake it backward, you can do the forward folded pose; the Yoga wall rope gives you more flexibility but also improves your attention.

5. Eliminate pressure on body parts. The Yoga wall can use the wall and the wall rope to complete the specified Yoga actions. With the support of the wall belt, the pressure of the body parts can be eliminated. For example, in downward dog style, the pressure of the joints can be eliminated; in the head handstand, the pressure of the head and neck can be avoided; in Warrior series, the pressure of the knee joint can be avoided; in backward bending style, the pressure of the waist can be avoided;

6. You will be addicted to yoga! You will soon feel the results of Yoga wall rope, and then you can't wait to go back to the wall again! You will be eager for a better experience.

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