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Precautions for using a Fascial Gun

Jan. 03, 2020

Precautions for using a Fascial Gun

Fascial Gun

  Note 1: do not impact the joint.

  The fascial relaxing gun is generally only applicable to muscle soft tissue. If it directly impacts the joint, it is almost the same as knocking the joint directly on the stone, which is easy to cause joint damage.

  Note 2: not all parts are suitable for use

  It is not recommended to use a Percussion Gun at all because the muscles such as neck, chest, abdomen and armpit are thin and close to organs and aorta.

  Note 3: it is not that the longer the time, the more pain, the more effective

  The use of body feeling should be kept at 6-8 points of pain, and the use time at the same location can be 5-10 minutes.

  Note 4: do not assemble or refit the fascial gun without permission

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